( L o l a s T a n g o ) A p p l i e r ➡ N e w @ ( r e d ) M i n t

Applier for Lolas Tango Implants!!! These Appliers match perfectly ONLY to (r)M Skin No.12 (Crank/Freckles), (r)M Skin No.11 (Rot/Freckles), (r)M Skin No.10 (Raw)!!! For a comfortable fit, please remember to read the included (Read Me) First! notecard. Lolas Tango implants are available for purchase here: ::: Lolas :::, La Gomera (152, 70, 37) > see […]

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( H a i r ) N o. 10 ➡ N e w @ ( r e d ) M i n t

( R E D ) M I N T  ~ ( H A I R ) 1 0 0 %  N a t u r a l >see more For every Beauty. x7 sensual fine colored Locks (for each Hair Color available). Copy & Mod perms, Loose Pearls  included (x13 colors). Shape & Skin: > […]

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F r e e @ ( r e d ) M i n t

( H A I R )  2 0 1 3 The 2013 Hair Collection, comes with updated hair colors (all colours have been updated and refined). >see more Available inStore, by the Group Gift Vendor. Don’t miss this free hair, available in all Colors. (This is a Colour Demo Hair as well as a Gift.) Colour DEMO  > […]

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( H a i r ) N o. 09 ⇨ N e w @ ( r e d ) M i n t

( R E D ) M I N T  ~ ( H A I R ) 1 0 0 %  N a t u r a l New in this release: updated, refined colors. (Colour demo available inStore.) This hair comes with flexy prims, one attachment point. A mystic Style for every Beauty. x7 sensual colored […]

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G r o u p G i f t @ ( r e d ) M i n t

New Release GROUPgift only for members > Step by and pick it up! (you need to activate the  ( R E D ) M I N T: SL Group in order to be able to receive the gift)

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