Bow Me Up, Choker + Cuffs, New @ redMint

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This product is a set of 3 // Choker and Cuffs (wrist+ankle), available to purchase separately.

What’s included

⥤  non-rig mesh
⥤  RLV scripted choker version
⥤ HuD control (multiple customisation options)


⥤ non-Rig Size (can be resized via HuD, can be edited due to mod perms)


[✓] Open Collar (RLV features)
⥤ the collar allows locking, and full use of all the Open Collar features.

[✓] Stiffened Head & Neck Posture System (on/off)
⥤ x2 options (neck/neck+head)
⥤ to activate the Stiffened Head & Neck posture System, simply play the gesture included in the pack, or use the chat command (for more details, please check the notecard included in the pack)
⥤ thanks to © [ H.A.B.]

[✓] (HuD) Control (multiple customisation options)


[✓] Copy [✓] Modify [✗] Transfer

DEMO available! (Please try demo before purchase.)
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