(Hair) №.20, New @ redMint

( r e d ) M i n t , H a i r ‘ 14
1 0 0 %  N a t u r a l
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Style Card

Skin/Shape > Ivy by (red)Mint
Collar > Posture V-Collar by (red)Mint
Hair > No.20’14* New @ (red)Mint
Dress > Rigged Mesh Dress Gio by Demi’s Starshine

> fitted Mesh,
> (HuD) Control > Dyed Locks (Natural & Fantasy Colors),
> x18 colour Styles.  (Please try the Demo before purchase.)

Please try the Demo before purchase.
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… and GROUPgift only for members
> Step by and pick it up! (available till next month’s Hair release)

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