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Fitted mesh, multiple options to wear: mini Skirt, string Panties, mini Skirt + string Panties, one Size (fitted mesh), one fitted mesh size compatible with *L.inc* Phat Azz booty, alpha mask (and its texture), HuD control (12 colour options). Make sure you have updated your Viewer to the latest release.

Demo available! (Please try the Demo before purchase.)
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One Size, will fit the 5 Standard Sizes, a few amendments to your shape might be required: Body/ Body Fat: 0, Torso/ Belly Size: 15, Legs/ Leg Muscles: 50 – 100, Legs/ Butt Size: 40-60, Legs/ Saddle Bags: 25-35
> *L.inc* Phat Azz compatible!!! , with the amendment of following sliders: Body/ Body Fat: 0, Torso/ Belly Size: 15, Legs/ Leg Muscles: 60 – 100, Legs/ Butt Size: 70-80, Legs/ Saddle Bags: 25-35.[metaslider id=5947]( N o t e )
Fitted Mesh garments move along the body, same as rigged mesh items do, the garments fitting is significantly better though. Fitted Mesh is not perfected yet and might still need some slight adjustments on your avatar shape. Depending on the animation overrider you are wearing, the alpha mask might still be required.