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( I N F O )
Posture V-Collar for Men and Women.

x6 sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL) and alpha mask (and its texture). Alpha layer can be optional as long as the Stiffened Head & Neck posture System is turned on. The sizes are 2% +/-

( P E R M S )
[✓] Copy [✓] Modify [✗] Transfer
> custom content: animations & scripts are set to no Modify, no Transfer. For this reason the collar will show > no Modify, but it is modifiable! (You will be able to add your favorite animations/ scripts inside.)

( F E A T U R E S )
[✓] Open Collar (RLV features)
> the collar allows locking, and full use of all the Open Collar features.

[✓] Stiffened Head & Neck Posture System (on/off)
> x2 options (neck/neck+head)
> to activate the Stiffened Head & Neck posture System, simply play the gesture included in the pack, or use the chat command (for more details, please check the notecard included in the pack)
> thanks to © [ H.A.B.]

[✓] Custom submissive Animations/Poses
> 20 Animations/Poses > by the Book of GOR (support male/female shapes, 20 animations x each size, 6/7/8ft)
> thanks to © Azy Xue Animations

[✓] (HuD) Control – 78 Leather, 5 Metal Color options

(DEMO) available! (Please try demo before purchase.)
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November 17, 2013 at 06:11 PM

Isn’t this the exact same thing as the previous mesh collar that we bought for like 550L? Just with more textures?….
Not very nice if you re-release the same thing with more textures to force people to buy it again. >_>

( я e d )
November 17, 2013 at 07:11 PM
– In reply to: anon4cec

It is a different product covering the same line – Posture Collar/ Posture V-Collar. The new release, has simply a more sophisticated Line, the first release was closer to “Classic”.
The geometry is built from scratch, it has the sides taller and goes wider on the collar bone, the front has a more visible V-Line, the back buckle has a lock hanging on it, better optimisation on it, therefore the “V-Collar” Name. Demo is available in store.