Posture Collar, New @ redMint

( r e d ) M i n t ~ ( F a s h i o n  )
1 0 0 %  N a t u r a l
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( I N F O )

The item comes in 6 sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL)
and alpha mask (and its texture). Alpha layer can be optional as long as the Stiffened Head & Neck posture System is turned on.
The sizes are 1% +/-

( P E R M S )
[✔]Copy [✔]Modify [✔]No Transfer
> custom content: animations & scripts, are set to no Modify, no Transfer. For this reason the collar will show > no Modify, but it actually is modifiable (You will be able to add your favorite animations/ scripts inside.)

( F E A T U R E S )
[✔] Open Collar
> the collar allows locking, and full use of all the Open Collar features.

[✔] Stiffened Head & Neck posture System (on/off)
> x2 options (neck/ neck+head)
> to activate the Stiffened Head & Neck posture System, simply play the gesture included in the pack, or use the chat command (for more details, please check the notecard included in the pack)
> thanks to ©[ H.A.B.]

[✔] Custom Animations / Pose
> 22 Animations / Pose > by the Book of GOR
> thanks to ©Azy Xue Animations

[✔] 13 Color Options (color/texture change only via HuD)

(Demo) available! (Please try demo before purchase.)
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