( H a i r ) N o. 09 ⇨ N e w @ ( r e d ) M i n t

( R E D ) M I N T  ~ ( H A I R )
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New in this release: updated, refined colors. (Colour demo available inStore.) This hair comes with flexy prims, one attachment point. A mystic Style for every Beauty. x7 sensual colored Tips (for each Hair Color available).
Copy & Mod perms.
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Styling Featured Image:

Skin: > Crank / Shape: >Rot  by (red)Mint
Body Jewel Tattoo (Silver) *New @ (red)Mint
Hair: No.08, No.09 *New by (red)Mint
Shoes: “UggStyle Boot” *New by (red)Mint

( H a i r ) M e s h ~ N o. 09

DrawUp Top  by (red)Mint
LowRise Mini Skirt by (red)Mint
Jeweled Hands (Silver) by (red)Mint

( H a i r ) M e s h ~ N o. 08

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