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( R E D ) M I N T  ~ ( B E A U T Y ) S A L O N
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( C r a n k ) S k i n ~ S h a d e s

Crank Skin Shade. Add-on Enhancement is applied -> Cleavage Enhancement ( this enhancement is to be purchased separately, please try a Demo first!)[metaslider id=4075]> Try a Demo

( C r a n k ) S k i n ~ E n h a n c e m e n t

Add-on Enhancement for Skin No.12 ~ Crank/ Crank (Fleckles)

x3 and more Options to wear:

– Cleavage Enhancer (Underwear and Tattoo Layer)

– Lips only Tattoo Layer
x3 Options: all Cranky Make-ups (Lips only)

– Tattoo Layer Combo (Cleavage + Lips, all in one)

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October 14, 2012 at 08:10 PM

very sexy skin