(Shape) Crank, New @ redMint

( R E D ) M I N T  ~ ( B O D Y ) S H O P
1 0 0 %  N a t u r a l
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Available for purchase as Shape only, or full Avatar
(you will receive a pack including > Shape, skin + all the items mentioned on the poster).

Shape Crank

Pose: Del May > DM – Understated

Extra items for the full Avatar Pack
(all other details mentioned in the poster):

S K I N -> coming SOON @ (red)Mint >>stay Tuned!
E Y E S:  No.31

Hair : No.05 (Mesh) ~ Silver(copy/mod/resize)
(r)M ~ Bangles w/ Rings & Nails (Copper) (copy)

(r)M ~ Top Lifted (No.09) (copy/mod)
(r)M ~ Panties Left Drop No.03 (copy/mod)
(r)M ~ Baby Doll Skirt (No.06) (copy/mod)

(r)M ~ Shoe “Riven Boot” (No.06) (copy)

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wise Sandalwood
October 08, 2012 at 05:10 PM

OMG! She’s amazing Moni

( я e d )
October 08, 2012 at 05:10 PM
– In reply to: wise Sandalwood

Thank you sweet^^