(Riven) Boot, New @ redMint

( R E D ) M I N T  ~ ( F O O T W E A R )
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( R i v e n ) B o o t

rigged Mesh
> x7 Sizes
> x12 LegWarmer Colors (HuD Control)
The boots come in 9 colors, 7 sizes and an alpha layer to fit perfectly to your individual avatar shape. They are rigged mesh, so there is no need to wear a right and left boot anymore, as both boots are combined into one object and will place in the right position no matter where the attachment point is.

( N o t e )
Rigged mesh items can be rezzed and (if modifiable) also stretched by using the inworld building tools – BUT – as soon as you wear them, they snap back to the original size and position!! This is why we offer 7 different sizes to make them fit based on your individual style and body shape.
Also due to the rigging, it does not matter the attachment point – they will always attach in the right position.
(Demo) available instore (Please try demo before purchase)
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